custom calligraphy logos

After your business name, your logo is arguably the most important part of your brand. It's how you are recognized in a sea of other businesses. A great logo speaks volumes about your business and tells your clients exactly who you are before you ever even meet. Whether you're just starting your business or twelve years in, it's always a good time to look closely at your logo and ensure that it's portraying your business appropriately.

I primarily work on calligraphy, brush lettering, and hand-illustrated logos. I offer several different styles of calligraphy so whether you're looking for something whimsical and fun or timeless and romantic, I feel confident that we can create a logo that will perfectly embody you, your business, and your brand. And the best part is that every design is 100% custom, so you will truly be getting a logo that was tailor-made just for you and won't run the risk of bumping into another business with the same pre-made logo, or even utilizing the same pretty script font.

The process

Each logo begins with a conversation. We'll discuss you, your business, and all of your big dreams. I'll send you a questionnaire that will allow me to dig deep into your business so that we can create a logo that perfectly portrays exactly who you are and what you're after. 

Once we've discussed your logo in detail and we both feel confident in the decision to move forward, you will receive a Client Contract and an invoice for a 50% deposit. Once those are signed and paid, the sketching begins!

I will typically send over 3-5 sketches of your logo in the first round of proofs. We'll discuss what you like and dislike about each one, and choose one to move forward with. I will then ink or paint that design, digitize it, and send it over to be proofed. We'll discuss any changes that need to be made at this point, then it will be tweaked as necessary and the final proof will be sent to you.

Once the logo has been finalized, it will be converted to files that are suitable for both web and print. Your logo will be created in both color (if applicable) and black & white in each file format, and you will receive a Photoshop brush for watermarking as well. At this point, you may also choose to add on additional products to your logo package such as a custom rubber stamp, thank you cards, product labels, an alternate logo, etc.

Custom logo designs start at $250 and take around two-three weeks to complete, depending on current workload.