Intro to modern calligraphy

In this beginner course, we'll go over the basics of modern calligraphy using a pointed pen. I'll teach you all about the necessary tools and how to use them and we'll cover basic strokes and letter forms. All materials are provided.


beginner handlettering

This laid-back class is lovingly referred to as "fauxlligraphy", or "fake calligraphy". We'll learn how to mimic the look of calligraphy using regular ink pens (so no intimidating calligraphy pen). This class is perfect for you if you simply want to learn how to dress up your own handwriting, or learn a fun new writing style. No previous experience is required. Bring a friend (or two!) and come hang out for a couple of hours of pretty letters and lots of laughter (guaranteed).


handlettering - make + take

This intermediate Make + Take class is designed for those with previous hand-lettering or calligraphy experience, whether it's from a class with Lulu's Letter Co. or elsewhere. We'll talk about writing on surfaces other than paper, with an emphasis on wood. I'll share all of my tips and tricks for creating wood signs and you'll have the chance to create your own custom wood sign to take home with you. All materials are provided.